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Tennis Videos

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Van Winitsky at the Paine Webber Doubles Classic

You can learn so much to improve your game by taking the time to study tennis videos. We’ll be posting the following types of videos soon:

  • *Video tennis lessons* on the forehand, backhand slice, volleying and other shots.
  • Van Winitsky *tennis matches* from the U.S. Open to Wimbledon.
  • Interviews with Van Winitsky
  • Interviews of other tennis pros

Stop by to see all the terrific footage. We’ll be changing out videos frequently.

If you have something you’d like to share – just contact us


Very few tennis coaches in the Delray Beach area have climbed as high as Van and are available to give lessons and share their love and passion for the game. I’ve learned so much, Van was able to revolutionize my volley and net game
Rick Waters/Entrepreneur/4.5 player